Graduate professional development

Graduates of the Programme will acquire knowledge of the topical and important issues of multilingualism/multiculturalism as well as of educational linguistic policies while receiving training on the design of curricula and the implementation of educational and training activities in the context of the contact of languages and cultures. The acquired knowledge and experience can be applied and adapted to all education levels.

Specific graduate profiles which have used their degree and professional development are included in the following examples:

A graduate of the Programme from the Greek side is working now at the French Institute of Thessaloniki teaching Greek as a second and foreign language, utilizing this way her knowledge of the parallel development of languages in multilingual environments. Her acquisition of both English and French at a high level allowed her to teach both languages.

A graduate from the French side, having gained a very good knowledge of the Greek language as well as the Greek social and educational reality, serves now the diplomatic corps as a cultural attaché of the French Embassy.

A student from the French side, specialized in French as a foreign language and having lived in several European countries for a long time, teaches now at the French Institute of Thessaloniki.

A student from the Greek side has “invested” the Master and also his experiences abroad and now he’s working in tourism (hotel industry). His multilingualism, which has evolved through his stay in France, was an important factor both for his initial recruitment and his current tenure.

A graduate from the Greek side works at a Model School of Thessaloniki due to her bilingualism and the knowledge she gained during her studies in the Programme.