Admission to the programme

The Postgraduate Programme is addressed to students of the two partner countries as well as of other countries. Candidates must be University degree holders of Schools of Humanities niveau Bac +4 and have knowledge of the French language at least at level B2. Admission to the Master Programme is decided upon after studying the candidate’s folder and conducting an oral interview. The interview is intended to assess the scientific training of the candidates on the subject. Candidates are admitted to the programme depending on their qualifications, as they are specified in the ‘Call for applications’ and determined by their performance in the interview. Moreover, candidates, who have not submitted the necessary certifications for their knowledge in French, are required to sit a written examination in French. Students are admitted to the Programme according to their ranking order in the selection process (evaluation of folder and interview) by the examination committee.

The directors of the program are responsible for the composition of the examination committee, which conducts the examinations, as well as the assessment and evaluation of the candidates’ folders in the Aristotle University and in the University of Maine. Successful candidates are enrolled in the university where they submitted their folder. Then, each University officially forwards a copy of the enrolment folder to the partner University.

Registrations are carried out in September each year and the forwarding of the folders to the partner University is completed in October. The students’ registration in each university is in accordance with the regulations applicable to it. Each university applies the policy for student registration, which is applied to all the registered students at the home university. Each University can accept up to 10 students per year